Hotel Key Control Policy and Procedures

This document is designed to outline the measures, protocols, and best practices that ensure the secure issuance, management, and control of keys within our establishment. Key control is a fundamental aspect of our commitment to guest safety, security, and satisfaction.

To ensure all employees in the housekeeping department understand the key control procedure to effectively communicate between the shifts. All employees well educated about the security measures and standard procedures, this needs to be adhered to provide a safe and secure environment to our in-house guests.

Key Control Procedure:

  • All attendants must sign in and out at the beginning and end of each shift on the daily Key Control Sheet
  • The time entered shall be the actual time when a person signs in or out.
  • This sheet verifies the hours worked as well as indicates about the section of each team member.
  • Before any keys are handed out, the Housekeeping Coordinator must make an inventory to verify that all keys are counted for in the key box and sign the log key book.
  • Housekeeping Coordinator to hand those keys to each Room Attendant during briefing each shift.
  • At the end of each shift, the Housekeeping Coordinator reviews the sheet to make sure that all keys have been accounted for.
  • Keys must be kept in key control cabinet in the housekeeping department. Housekeeping Coordinator A.M Shift will hand-over key control to Housekeeping Coordinator P.M Shift.
  • At the end of the shift, Housekeeping Coordinator P.M Shift must check the keys and ensure all keys are counted for and hand-over to the Night Housekeeping Leader
  • Night Housekeeping Leader hand over the key to the Housekeeping Coordinator A.M Shift on the following day.
  • Any lost or stolen key incident must be informed to the Director of Housekeeping and Director of Security for further action.
  • Before room attendants preparing their trolley, they must pick up key which given by Housekeeping Coordinator and must be recorded or sign out on Key Logbook to ensure proper key procedure
  • Every attendant who signing for the keys is responsible for the keys as he/she has signed them in.
  • The key must be always carried and never left in door locks, trolleys or in the pantry.
  • Keys must not be given to anyone without signing in the key log and room attendants are not allowed to open doors for other team member who are not on duty or without approval from the management.
  • Keys must never be removed from the resort.
  • Master key should not be used to open guest room doors for guests. Guest should be directed to guest service for any assistance.
  • At the end of shift Room Attendant must be returned it to the housekeeping office and sign in on the key logbook.
  • Loss of assigned keys or removal of keys from the resort is considered as serious misconduct and will lead to disciplinary action.
  • Attendant to fill in the lost key form at Security office and sign by Director of Housekeeping along with the disciplinary form.
  • Security to inform IT Manager, General Manager or Resort Manager by signing the form.
  • Blocking the key must be done as soon as security received the information.
  • Investigation must be done by security.
  • New key form must be fill out before creates a new key.

This outline provides a comprehensive framework, but it’s important to tailor the content to the specific needs and circumstances of your hotel. Additionally, it’s advisable to consult with legal and security professionals to ensure that your policies and procedures comply with relevant laws and industry standards.

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